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Angry Birds Free Download – Now available Angry Birds Rio PC

Angry Birds Free Download

In the game Angry Birds, You objective is to throw multi-colored birds at evil pigs surrounded by structures / barriers in hopes to regain there stolen gold eggs.

There are various forms of birds all ranging in different colors who each has there own special unique feature. You will need to use these birds and a giant sling shot to destroy the evil pigs that are surrounded by protective barriers.

As you progress through the stages it becomes more and more difficult to proceed. For instance, These evil pigs are protected by structures that are built of  resources such as stone, wood, and ice.

The release of Angry Birds, was in January 2009. In the beginning,  it did not seem like people really picked up on it.

Towards the middle of the calendar year, Angry Birds started to go viral and it’s popularity grew immensley. An increasing number of phone and tablet owners ended up installing it, and it climbed to the leading 100 in the app store and marketplace. After that, it was only a matter of time before it reached the number one spot for most popular game.


The Angry birds are back! in it’s new edition titled Angry Birds Rio PC. It’s available right now in the app store, android marketplace and of course for the PC!

That’s right! Angry Birds Rio PC. Best of all it’s absolutely free to download!

So What’s new?

The basic game engine remains the same but there has been A LOT of change. Some of these changes includes new menus, levels and new evil opponents. Angry Birds Rio PC now also has a story, but  the story is not too long. Basically the angry birds were now happy birds because they recovered there golden eggs and now living life to the fullest when suddenly were captured and transported to Rio in Brazil. Now you must help them escape RIO by completing challenges. The first levels are all about helping the other birds escape out of a cage. Once this has been completed the game tells you that you managed to escape and now you are flying around Brazil, where you’ll stumble upon evil monkeys.

Angry Birds Rio PC Gameplay

The basic gameplay mechanic remains unchanged. It still seems to use the same game engine as the previous angry birds game

Angry Birds Rio PC currently offers 60 levels of intense fun! Did I mention it’s free to download also?

If you haven’t yet played Angry Birds Rio PC you absolutely need to download it and play it now! download Angry Birds Rio PC absolutely free.

Remember it is your job to help these birds escape! Hurry before it’s too late! The Angry Birds NEED YOU!


Angry Birds Plush

If you love the Angry Birds Game why not bring Angry Birds home with an Angry Birds Plush toy!
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If you like the Angry Birds Plush toys you might also like the Angry Birds Knock On Wood Game! Click on any of the images to find out more information. If you are a Angry Birds Fan you will need to add this to your collection.

Especially the Angry Birds Plush! Go Ahead! Check them out!


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